Is your Smartphone too intimidating
for you or your parents or your young-ones?

Finally you have an App that will
take the stress out of using your Smartphone.

Specifically designed for the young and the elderly

A fully Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) compliant App


Create Large Picture Chat Buttons

Create a chat button with your contact’s picture or select from hundreds of clipart images. You can even create a clipart button for your Home, Physician, Dentist, Church, and many more.

Switch Seamlessly from Calling to Texting

With a gentle swipe of your finger you can switch from placing a call to sending a text message. Tap to call… or Tap to text. No more jumping from one App to another!

In Case of Emergency (ICE)

Tag a contact as your emergency contact with a so anyone can place a call to them during an actual emergency. You can even Double-Tap the chat button to place an emergency call to them by sending an Emergency Notification message! This feature can assist paramedics and others in saving a life!

Make an Emergency Call

Placing an emergency call can never be any easier. Tap on the Red Emergency call button to summon local ambulance service, no matter where you are in the world! List of world emergency numbers available at your fingertip! You never want to travel abroad without it!

Chat Button Sharing

Configure and share your chat buttons on the smartphone of your loved ones. Make it easy for your children or your parents to effortlessly use their smartphone.

Connect with the World

Chat using text message with other Chatstasy users from around the world free of carrier charges. The App can connect you with users from over 200 countries!

Predefined Text Messages

Send predefined text messages with a tap. Select and send commonly used messages like 'Flight Landed', 'I am on my way', 'I am ready for pick-up', etc.

Custom Messages

Create, save, and send your own custom messages in many languages.

Auto Notify Phone Number Changes

No need to stress-out when you change your number. Notify other Chatstasy contacts of your number change with a tap. They can even update your new number with a tap!
(Premium Version)

Cloud Backup

Never lose your contacts with Cloud Backup even when you change your carrier or device. Stores up to 4 of your backups on the cloud using your unique Backup Key!

Restore Backup

Restore chat buttons on your new device with a tap! Transfer from Android phone to an iPhone or an iPhone to an Android Phone with ease.
(Premium Version)

Extra Large Dialpad

Extra large buttons on dialpad. Switch from all number-based dialing to text-based dialing with a gentle swipe!

Large Font Texting

Large, easy-to-read font helps seniors and people with visual challenges. Never settle for hard-to-read font size for chatting!

Send or Receive Images with Other Users

Need an image for a chat button? No problem, just send a request to the contact and see their image magically appear on their chat button!

High-Quality Clipart Images

Hundreds of high-quality clipart images to make your chat buttons come alive! Find a clipart for almost every type of contact!